Hoteliers complain about Airbnb. Taxi drivers complain about Uber. Retailers complain about Amazon. And now I’ve realized another one in the SAME mix is US airlines complaining about Middles Eastern and Asian airlines. It’s like this chronic, deranged fixation – and it’s the same parallel in each industry! People who represent the past being threatened by those who represent the future. Nothing to be unexpected.

I get that people want to protect their jobs, and I get that industry disruptions are difficult. I don’t fault people for listening to corporate directives per se. But from the outside looking in, as a customer who cares closely about their consumer choices and is constantly monitoring industries – the arguments get a little tired! Customers want more innovation, more choice, and lower prices. We want good user experience and good design and products/services that continue to keep up with the pace of technology and changing needs.

I believe that the world is improved for both customers AND industries when the customer is put first. The future is radically customer centric. The age of the old-school monopoly, limited consumer choice, and old crusty industries staying in power because there was no other way – are OVER. We all are made better through capitalistic innovation AS WELL AS intelligent, state-driven developmental efforts that increase the quality of infrastructure and standard of health, safety, and integrity of service for all. Both have a place in a global world.

Traditional industries would be far wiser to see disrupting technologies and service capabilities and to either SHOW US SOMETHING BETTER, or if you can’t beat em, join em or at least work WITH them to see how they can financially gain from continuing to serve changing customer needs. You can resist this all you like with all the corporate brainwashing and social media campaigns but ultimately people make the rational choice. There is NO moral high ground in artificially keeping products or services alive which provide no marginal benefit to the consumer.

I appreciate the value of many traditional models, but I love even more when they begin to see the importance of reaching out to a new generation and new populace of people who want and need their offerings but require a different take to travel, to hospitality, to shopping, to whatever. Stop demonizing and blaming the world or blaming other countries when it’s EVERYONE’S responsibility to be part of a more optimized and effective future for this planet if we’re going to keep things viable for an ever expanding population.